A big "Thank You" to Jörg Leitzinger!

"My name is Jörg Leitzinger and I am master of a hunting ground in Burgenland.

I have known Kurt Becksteiner for more than 18 years. At that time we were training our dogs together. We did not know a lot about the abilities of the breed or were not able to use these abilities of the dogs properly.

But it was Kurt who went to England and Scotland, to the roots of the breed to learn more about the training of Retrievers.

It was him, who brought the dogs with ability and understanding for the hunt to the grounds, no matter what they looked like.

I can say, that Kurt Becksteiner is working his dogs on our hunts at more than 20 days a year, he is constantly improving and manages to bring in the shot game in an unspectacular, very fast way and without disturbing the hunt.

Knowing english and scottish hunts I hope, that these unique hunting dogs will be further handled and supported by Kurt Becksteiner.

We need dogs with hunting and game finding abilities who can be handled unspectacular."

Jörg Leitzinger