Andrea und Zsolt Böszörményi, thank you for your support!

"We remember being in a run-off on a WT in Austria with our first labrador, Brenda, on one  of our first working tests about 15 years ago. The guy I was in a run-off with had a golden called Apollo. Indeed -Kurt Becksteiner.

At that time he was a lot on the road with his caravan, enjoying to be out in nature, running working tests and trials with his dog, having fun, having a few beers at the caravan  after the tests😊. Than the hobby became a passion, and his goals became higher and higher.

It can happen to you quickly once you enter the retriever world. The same thing happened to us. We founded the Working Retriever Club of Hungary in 2005 and started to organise trainings, working tests, field trials. We always had the support of the ÖRC, for which we are thankful till today.

It was hard work at the beginning,  strong wind was blowing into our face continuously. To reach for the sky, the right goals should be chosen.

We invited the best trainers - people who had the reputation to be good, but strict. The first trainers who came over from England, Scotland and Belgium had to explain heel-work and steadiness.

When judges came over and asked: „how do you want us to judge” The answer without exception was: please judge the same way you do in England, as this is the only way for us to improve. As a result of this, you hardly see hungarian handlers today having problems with basics like heel-work or steadiness.

Talking to several austrian friends lately, the main topic in Austria is now the upcoming elections.

We agree with your opinion that Kurt is a strict person having high goals. He is a perfectionist. Don’t you think you need to be, if you have high goals? However, We don’t see it as something to be afraid of. Not at all. A big club like the ÖRC needs a strong leadership wo can stand the pressure. The president has to represent the club’s interest in front of the kennel club or ÖJGV.

So, don’t be afraid of him, but „use’ his abilities and throw him into deep water, the pilot will survive😊!

We should not forget the strong team around Kurt - so  important in my eyes. They will do the job in their own positions. It’s impossible to reach any goals alone - the team is made of open-minded people, most of them we know personally for many years.

Being open-minded is exactly what you need - within the club there might be different levels of goals. Not everyone wants a show champion or a field trial champion. We are lucky, as our breed is very colourful, it offers a variety of sports and activities. All these should be supported within the club as it is the only retriever club in Austria.. Most of the retriever owners should feel welcome, and feel proud of being part of the club.

It has always been the goal of the ÖRC to improve the standard. All successes of austrian handlers on european competitions prove that it’s the right way. We wish for the breed that this work continues whichever party wins.

All the best for Kurt and his team to fulfill your program. So many of the well respected handlers, trainer, judges raised their word and ensured you about their supprt. For sure Kurt’s  teamhas our support too. Keep fingers crossed for Saturday.

Like Zsolti likes to say on trainings: wahnsinnig, weiter, weiter😊!"

Andrea & Zsolt Böszörményi