Team administration


Kurt Becksteiner

In 1999 my first Golden bitch „Cosmo of Lubberland“moved in and since then not one year has passed where I have not been present at working tests, hunting tests or field trials either at home or abroad. My first dog was not my last one. Currently my wife and I are living together with two Goldens and three Labradors aged between one and nine years. When I do not run one of my own dogs at a competition, I devote my time back to the sport by judging working tests or field trials in Austria and internationally.

In my main job as flight captain and fleet chief of an airline I do lead a significant number of people. In my private time I use these leadership skills for the Austrian Retriever Club. A breed club of our size is comparable to a small corporation, where it is, however, essential not to forget the fact that it is still a club.

I believe that my longterm experience as a judge of hunting tests, working tests and field trials enables me to bring the various fields in the club closer together and to further enhance the training both of the new (student) as well as the experienced judges.

The ÖRC is, however, so much more: active breeding in line with the existing regulations, Club Shows as well as international dog shows, basic and advanced education and training for breeders, judges and dog handlers. All these tasks can only be accomplished in a highly qualified team, which has both relevant knowledge as well as social skills. Like this, we can create an environment where every single club member can find his or her place.

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Vice President, Public Relations

Claudia Berchtold

In 1998 I fell in love with Flat Coated Retrievers and since then my heart belongs to them. Nevertheless I always enjoyed having Golden Retrievers or Labrador Retrievers of friends as guests at home. My FCI kennel name „Funstuff“ exists since 2004 – since then I have had a total of seven litters.

From 2003 to 2016 I was in the board of the Austrian Retriever Club: first as a show secretary, then as a breeding secretary for Chesapeake Bay, Curly Coated, Flat Coated and Nova Scotia Duck Tolling Retrievers. Since 2006 I am ÖRC judge for the character and abilities test and in 2011 I was appointed by the ÖKV as FCI show judge for retrievers. Since then I have been judging Retrievers at Club Shows and / or International Dog Shows in many European countries and I am now also authorised to judge all Spaniel breeds and Lagotto Romagnolo. Professionally I worked for many years in the IT support and then for 10 years in my husband’s company where I am now in charge of the management. I am grateful to be able to work from home: I have time for my children, my dogs, sports and for my garden.

Within the ÖRC I want to have mutual respect between the members and decent, reasonable work without unnecessary „cause legislation“. We need a new website in two languages and more cooperation with foreign clubs. A modern ÖRC for me also means to be present in social media. State-of-the art representation in relevant print publications should become standard. I already enjoy the appreciative, supportive and professional atmosphere in our team. That way, together with our members, whose inputs are priceless, we can create an ÖRC that is again focused on the dogs.

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Membership Secretary

Maria Dietzschold-Bojakovsky

With Eska von der Herrenleithen my first Labrador Retriever came into my family in 1994. We currently have seven Labradors aged from 5 months to 15 years in our house. My dogs join us on hunting days, are run on working tests as well as field trials.

Since my first labrador I am a member of the ÖRC and have experienced several changes in the club. So far, I have always refused to participate in the board. But now I think the time has come to engage in working with the team for the ÖRC, its members and our retrievers.

As the priority of the General Office I see the equal cooperation with all parties. A trusting commitment within the board and good cooperation between all team members is important to me. All of us are the retriever club. Show, working test, hunting, everything is equally important. Everyone should the place  with his or her dog the place which he or she can enjoy. My motto: together instead of against each other.

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Ernst Kogl

I am 37 years old and live in Burgenland. Professionally, I have been working in the IT industry for the past 18 years. The last 10 years I was a Pre-Sales Consultant and Certified Data Protection Expert, primarily in the sector planning/consulting and supportive. Privately I like to spend my free time with my dogs and friends. I own 3 Labrador Retrievers. Hunting is one of my great passions. I spend most of my free time with my retrievers in my three hunting grounds, of which I look after two alone and in the third I am a co-tenant.

In the past, I was already allowed to support the ÖRC in areas of IT, working tests and the organization of grounds for tests and trainings. This allowed me deep insight into internal processes and the structures of the club.

As a financial officer, my goal is of course to continue along the path that was taken, also with the help of corresponding new technical measures. Sustainable and diligent handling of member fees is my objective. Responsible handling of funds for the benefit of our dogs and members is my most important priority.

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Training Secretary

Herbert Steinschaden

With my first own dog, a Rottweiler bitch, I successfully participated in numerous tournaments for non-hunting working dogs. Already at that time I did the ÖKV coach examination for puppies and young dogs as well as accompanying and tracking dog work.

The successor of my Rottweiler bitch was the male Labrador „Cay von Carlspach“. This also started my work with the retrievers. Since 2002 I have managed the training center „Retrieverschule in Grafenegg“ of the ÖRC regional group NÖ. In 2003, I was commissioned by the ÖRC Board to set up a trainer training in the ÖRC and subsequently appointed to the ÖRC Board as a training officer. Within these 15 years we have implemented a lot and never lost sight of our retrievers. The training of ÖRC course instructors, ÖKV trainers, ÖRC trainer section retrieving and ÖRC performance judges (GAP* and RBP*) was implemented, the RBP revised and the CAP introduced. Furthermore, standards for training centers and a guideline for examinations were compiled, which are constantly updated.

Since two thirds of all retrievers in Austria are estimated to be companion and family dogs, it is very important that these great dogs can engage in breed specific work. GAP* and RBP* are ideal tests. Most of these can be carried out at training places and do not add to the burden on most of the available areas. These tests are very well received, which we want to further promote and expand in the future.

*Obedience- and retrieving-test

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