Team breeding

Breeding secretary for Labrador Retriever

Nina Schneider

In 2000, the first Golden came into my life and since then retrievers have become indispensable in my life. Together with my three children and my partner I live in Vienna. We go with our dogs (Golden and Labrador) to various tests and have them with us when picking up on hunting days. Even before I had my first litter in our kennel “Head over Fields” I was intensively studying various aspects of breeding and genetics.

For me, showing appreciation to others and respectful behaviour are very important. After all, we all put a lot of passion into our retrievers. Based on this I would like to build up my work as a breeding secretary. As I have worked in my parents‘ company for a long time, organizational issues have always been an important part of my life. More advice, information and knowledge exchange as well as personal responsibility for breeders are only a few points that are important for me and my colleagues.

phone: +43(0)699 10866991

Breeding secretary for Golden Retriever

Christine Grabmayr

The Golden Retriever is my favourite breed. I own Golden Retriever bitches since 1999 and under my kennel name „Vienna’s Golden Dreams“ I have had two litters so far. Show and work are equally important to me. My dogs were run on working tests and accompanied me on hunting days, but have show champion titles at the same time. Currently I have three bitches, the oldest is allowed to enjoy her retirement, the other two are in training and I present them at shows.

I have 10 years of experience in the board of the ÖRC, I managed the General Secretary for 1 year and acted – most of the time with great pleasure – as the Golden Retriever Breed Secretary for 9 years. The responsibility of the breeders for the mating and the raising of the puppies is very important. No matter if the breeders’ preference is show or work, for me they are equally valuable, because all breeders invest a lot of effort to achieve their breeding goals. I want to establish good relationships with the breeders characterized by mutual respect and tolerance.

phone: +43(0)0664 4643140

Breeding secretary for Chesapeake Bay-, Curly Coated-, Flat Coated- and Nova Scotia Duck Tolling Retriever

Detlef Scheiber

My passion for Flat Coated Retrievers came with Leandro in 2008, his son Aramon joined us in 2013. We live in Graz, where I work as a psychologist (clinical and work psychology, supervision) and where advice for individuals and teams are on my agenda. My two males are stud dogs, which means that I soon became intensively involved with breeding. I gained experience in the show area with both dogs, both are CIE and one is multi champion. We train regularly at the ÖRC Training Group Graz and I have completed RBP* and GAP* exams with my dogs. Due to my conviction that stud dog owners also bear great responsibility and due to close cooperation and good friendship with breeders, I have experienced a lot of flat litters and one curly litter from the time of mating to the birth to the now partially adult dogs.

Cooperation, respect and appreciation in dealing with each other and between breeders and breed secretaries are very important to me. I am very much looking forward to the task of breeding secretary.

phone: +43(0)650 7039807