Statement of Kurt Becksteiner

23rd März 2018

Please find a conclusive statement of Kurt Becksteiner to the ÖRC elections on the 24th of March:

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Andrea und Zsolt Böszörményi, thank you for your support!

Thank you Andrea und Zsolt, two very well respected dog trainers, breeders and successfull handlers

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Thanks a lot, Rita Kökeny!

21st März 2018

Rita equally is a well known breeder, FCI Field Trial judge and dog handler:

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Thank you so much, David Latham!

15th März 2018

David Latham, one of the greatest names in the world of retrievers. Nobody could win the IGL Retriever Championship more often than he did. The 4 times IGL winner made up many Field Trial Champions and since 2010 he is a professional dog handler and breeder. It’s an honor that it is important for him to write for us. Thanks David!

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Stefanie Latham, thank you for your support!

14th März 2018

Stefanie Latham, longterm member of the ÖRC, respected breeder from the UK to Europe and the USA and very successful dog handler. Thanks Stefanie for your kind words.

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Thank you, Michael Gschladt!

13th März 2018

Michael Gschladt, former longterm and very popular working test secretary, who has always perfectly led his sector and who is still active with a lot of enthusiasm. Thanks a lot for offering your support to become more active in the ÖRC again in the future:

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Thank you, Oliver Kiraly!

10th März 2018

Oliver is a professional Retriever trainer and breeder, thank you for your clear recommendation!

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Thank you for your support, Ton Buijs!

9th März 2018

Ton is a Working Test- and FCI Field Trial judge, respected trainer in Austria and abroad:

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Thank you, Dieter Watzak-Helmer!

4th März 2018

We are pleased about this statement from the economy:

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Herbert Biringer - thank you for your support!

1st März 2018

We, the Purkersdorfer Jagdklub, as one of the biggest hunting societies in Austria want to support the List Kurt Becksteiner of the ÖRC.

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A big "Thank You" to Jörg Leitzinger!

28th Februar 2018

Jörg is a passionate hunter and generous supporter of the retriever world and enthusiastic dog handler

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Cinzia Masetti Fedi Sgorbati, thank you for your support!

26th Februar 2018

Cinzia is passionate breeder of show Labradors whom she is also running in working tests and field trials. She as International Show and FCI Field Trial judge.

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Thank you, Mag. Dr. Anja Steiner!

22nd Februar 2018

Anja is an impressive personality - straightforward and passionate in many areas. We are very proud about her support.

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Thank you Laura Lazzaretto, breeder of show- and working Goldens

18th Februar 2018

Laura is a fantastic breeder of show and working Golden’s. She bred several show champions and field trial champions as well as a dual champion (CIT, CIE  Wigglin Jigglin Cupcakes)

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Thank you, Gudrun Csar!

Heartfelt thanks to Gudrun Csar for your recommendation:

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Imma Walderdorff, thank you for your support!

11th Februar 2018

The words of this internationally renowned dog handler make us proud:

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Thank you for your support, Andreas Pözlberger!

10th Februar 2018

Andreas Pözlberger is a friend and longterm member who has significantly influenced the ÖRC. We are very happy about his support!

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Thank you, Otto Kopitsch MSD

9th Februar 2018

We are proud of the recommendation by this ambitious and experienced breeder and dog handler:

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Thank you, Paul G. Schaufler!

5th Februar 2018

The ÖRC is a club for hunting dogs. In order to remain like that, the cooperation with our hunters is an important prerequisite.

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Thank you for your precious support, Eva!

27th Januar 2018

I have been breeding what is generally called show labradors for 25 years.

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Thank you Robert, for your clear recommendation

18th Januar 2018

Dear Friends of our Retrievers!

I support the list of Kurt Becksteiner without any restriction. I have known Kurt for many years as a motivated and even enthusiastic retriever handler.

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