That’s what we stand for in education, administration and public relations:

  • Budget preparation for the individual units to ensure reliable financial management.
  • Financial management is essential because of managing membership funds.
  • We are committed to the ÖRC local groups on the Executive Board and offer them more support in the creation of new training places with the goal of a better area coverage.
  • The promotion of judicial training in the sector of show and work.
  • The unification of the expense allowance of helpers („helper compensation“).
  • Creating uniform criteria for the allocation of pitches for shops at ÖRC events.
  • Modernisation of the entire IT infrastructure (administration, breeding and membership database with online reporting options and website) after a complete analysis process of all existing areas.
  • Creation of a new ÖRC Website in German and English.
  • A contemporary appearance in all relevant journals should be a matter of fact for the ÖRC.
  • The complete publication of all board records for a comprehensible transparency of the board meetings.

That’s what we stand for in Show & Work:

  • The increased involvement of interested members as helpers in shows and working-tests after a preparatory helper training.
  • The close cooperation of the Show & Work departments, especially during the annual Club Show.
  • The invitation of judges according to objective criteria taking into account the suggestions of our members and following a timely publication.
  • The ÖRC as a member of the ÖJGV is of course a hunting dog club and we are committed to all hunting tests.
  • The creation of increased opportunities for hunting training by ÖJGV judges as test preparation for our members.
  • The introduction of more dummy trials as preparation for field trials.
  • More working test trainings held by international WT judges.
  • The possibility of organizing beginner-class working tests by the local county organizations. On request also with the support of the WT-department.
  • An approval process to obtain the clearance for all foreign working test and show judges via the ÖKV

That’s what we stand for in terms of breeding:

  • Show lines, working lines and dual purpose dogs are absolutely equal in importance for us!
  • Existing or meaningful genetic tests remain obligatory. The decision to carry out further genetic testing is up to the breeder.
  • The character test should stay, it should, however, for reasons of hunting ethics be carried out without the use of game
  • It should again be possible to enter the character test to obtain solely a show result.
  • A hunting ability test for young dogs should be introduced as an additional option to obtain breeding approval.
  • We want the full acceptance of foreign breeding regulations regarding stud dogs.
  • The show result from a CACIB show abroad should be valid for obtaining the breeding permission.
  • More consistent continuation of breeder workshops to promote communication and improving opportunities for cooperation.