Team Show & Work

Show Secretary

Kerstin Harm-Schwarz

I am 38 years old and live with my son and our dogs in Styria. Professionally, I work in the Styrian Provincial Government as a head of unit. In 2007, my first Flat Coated Retriever bitch moved in. In 2015 I imported a Curly Coated Retriever female from Latvia and I breed both breeds under the kennel name „Lucky Destiny“. We train with the ÖRC working-traininggroup Graz, but my focus is more on dogshows. My dogs are national and international champions, which allowed me to gain a lot of show experience at home and abroad.

The show department has done a great job so far, I would like to continue this with high quality. Competent judge invitations and the continuance of existing shows is important to me.

phone: (0)676 6796185

Working Test Secretary

Petra Hillinger

I live in Lower Austria near Korneuburg, work for a bank in the financing sector and have been a entusiastic banker for 27 years.

The same goes for retrievers: Since Paul came into our family in 2011, I have discovered my passion for working with the Retriever. This is the reason for my commitment to the board. In January 2017 I took over the finance department and spent a lot of time working on the overdue work, installing new structures and management. Now everything is back on track, which I am very proud of. With the same energy, I will lead the working test unit in the future. It is very important to me that the workingtest inspires more starters and that owners of show dogs will increasingly participate in these events.

phone: (0)660 1617158

Field Trial Secretary

Sonja Humpolec

I’ve been running Labrador Retrievers for over 10 years and live with my dogs in Lower Austria, west of Vienna. Professionally I am employed in the sales department of a wholesale company. My passion is the picking up with my dogs on shooting days, so I do not only spend a lot of time on field trials at home and abroad, but I regularly handle my dogs when picking up. For several years I have been supporting Kurt Becksteiner at Field Trials and this year I organized the ICC (Individual Challenge Cup – European Field Trial Championship) in Austria for the ÖRC. Since September 2017 I am a student judge for field trials and working tests.

My goal is to maintain field trials as Retriever work on the highest level in Austria and to give our dogs the opportunity to show their qualities internationally.

phone: (0)676 9449859

Hunting Test Secretary

Hannes Wiesinger

Since 1998 I handle Labrador Retrievers that accompany me and my family. I am a forester by profession and we live in Goldegg in Salzburg. My big passion is hunting. With my retrievers, I have completed various hunting tests and I mostly handle them when picking-up on about 30 hunting days on pheasants or hares every season. In order to pass on the good characteristics of my dogs, I breed Labradors under the kennel name „Crazylake“. Since this year I am a student judge for Field Trial and WT.

It is my intention to further pursue the direction of the hunting section. Extending the number of hunting trainings with and in the provincial groups and aligning the level of hunting tests with comparable ÖJGV exams are my main topics. For example: the level of the hunting test to obtain the territorial dog suitability (JBP / R) must be adapted to the necessity, so it does not have to be unnecessarily high.

phone: +43(0)664 75149016