On a secret election there is no room for interpretation

Excerpt from the statutes of the ÖRC (in free translation)

§15 Election of the board

(11) If more than one election proposal is given, the vote has to be made in a secret election using ballot papers which state each proposed list with a number.

In this context we want to revive the following quote from one of our posts:

„It is easy to juggle with buzzwords and sometimes not more than a sidestep to the world of promises, the tough thing is to stand up to these words and to take decisions on their base that withstand every question about the „WHY?“.“

The statutes state clearly and without any room for interpretation, that a secret election has to take place. But of course, the operative compliance to this rule is a challenge.

At each political election in Austria we can see how a secret election has to be handled, when the „tick“ is made secretly in a polling booth. To vote while just turning the back to all other voters does not comply with the requirement of a secret vote.

The right to vote – active membership, no right to vote for Junior members, as well as timely payment of the membership fee – has to be checked prior to the start of the meeting. It is therefore also important to thoroughly plan the handover of the ballot paper, the vote and the cast of the ballot paper into the ballot box, as well as the counting of the votes. This is important not only to secure that all requirements of a secret election are met, but also to make sure, that the process can be handled fast and without unnecessary delays for our members.

The members of the List Becksteiner will do their utmost to find, in close cooperation with the members of the list Pieber, a process which complies 100% with our statutes.

Because a secret election cannot be just a buzzword, it has to take place.

That’s what we deem to be proper financial behaviour

For us a responsible financial behaviour means, that each responsible person knows about the economic situation of his/her department in order to be able to financially plan ahead. The base for this planning has to be the establishment of a budget on the basis of previous settlements.

The past shows, that not each department can be financially positive, because naturally there are different contribution margins. But altogether the economical results of all departments have to have a positive result.

To be well prepared for economically hard times, the assets of the club should be built up to a yearly budget of spending.

A department means responsibility and accountability

The individual departments of our list are staffed with persons whom we know to have the necessary knowledge for his or her tasks. Each of them is qualified by experience and/or extraordinary engagement and therefore predestined to master the upcoming tasks.

„Responsibility“ in that case for us means to pick up all relevant tasks and handle them in a professional way. For this purpose, a high sense of responsibility is needed, because taking responsibility means to take decisions and to stand up for these decisions.

On the sector „Breeding“ for example, the concept of „Responsibility and Accountability“ means for the secretary to tackle the administrative work for the litters in a competent and precise way. And of course, being able to invest the huge amount of time needed for this task. It further means to initiate and implement necessary actions in case of violations, as well as to advise and help breeders to his or her best knowledge, support their issues internally and externally and to put own interest behind.

Retrievers in their role as pets

Most Retrievers become pets. The members want a dog, which can easily be managed in a normal day to day routine.

When visiting a training place also a social issue occurs – to meet with people who want the same and exchange experiences. Many friendships have been created that way.

Many people soon discover, that it makes sense to work the Retriever according to its natural abilities. A lot of offers for training and work await them. GAP and RBP for example. These courses are offered on the training place and do not need hunting grounds. The courses are well adopted – around 400 participants in the last year. With these we are up to date!

In order not to forget variety and fun, the Landesgruppen and their training places offer different events, far off competitions and tests. Barbecues, Fun-Tests, quiz rallies, hiking tours – just to mention a few. There are no limits for creativity!

We guarantee the publication of all minutes from the board meetings

During the meetings of the ÖRC board minutes are taken, which document who was present, which agenda points were discussed and which decisions were taken.

Together with the decision, usually also the arguments which led to this decision are documented.

In the future we will of course publish the planned dates of these meetings, as well as the complete minutes. This should give every member to get a deeper insight into the work of the board and enable everybody to add items to the agenda in due time.

We want all Special Shows

From the organiser, we as the responsible association for our breed, get the possibility to declare certain shows as „Special Shows“.

By doing so, we can choose and invite the judges on these shows by ourselves. In the future we hope for proposals for judges from our member, which we will take into consideration.

The ÖRC has to pay the costs for these judges but gets a reimbursement for each registered dog.

We will also take a close look on the current costs. The harmonisation of the allowances for helpers across all areas will be our goal.

More volunteers should be involved in the show area. We are planning to announce one responsible person for each special show, who will be in charge for the organisation and the judges at the respective show. This should also help to avoid long distance journeys.

We admit having all international shows as special shows and the inflicted costs.

With us there will be at least 8 CACIT Trials in 2018

We want to create a broad offer for our members. This not just a buzzword – we already have the commitments and offers to implement this plan: With us there will be 8 CACIT Trials in 2018!

The character test has to stay!

The focus of our list is on factual issues! We have decided to bring different areas of responsibility „on the tray“ to explain our way to handle the different tasks to everybody who is interested and to give answers on questions which may arise.

The character test in his current format had been implemented some time ago. It has proved itself over the years and is well adopted by our members. Revisions have been suggested several times. A proper process is necessary to redesign the current test, while taking scientific findings into consideration. The basis for this process could be workshops, where experts from outside, as well as judges and student judges are taking an active part. If changes are deemed necessary, these changes should be proved in trial tests.