Liste Becksteiner ENENEN

Gemeinsam stark für unsere Retriever!

The general assembly of the Austrian Retriever Club (ÖRC) took place on the 24th of march 2018 in Nußbach, Upper Austria.
We are happy to announce that the majority of the present 478 club members voted in our favor. Thank you for your trust and your support.

My Vision as President of the Austrian Retriever Club (ÖRC)

The promotion of the retriever breed is my ultimate ambition. The ÖRC is primarily a hunting dog club, a fact we should never lose out of sight. Due to the specific characteristics of the retriever as a hunting dog it is well respected by a broader audience and can be used for a wide spectrum of activities.

The areas of show and work are closely related and have to deal with each other with far more mutual respect.

The success of our the various retrievers was based on high quality breeding in the past, a fact which will not change in the future. Exactly for this reason it is our duty to promote the retriever breeding in all its different aspects.

Only then will it be possible for the Austrian Retriever Club to be at the top nationally as well as internationally, a point where all members will benefit from.

For me it is without doubt that every meaningful activity with our retrievers deserves respect, independent if it is a family dog, an assistance dog, rescue dog, therapy dog, etc.

The ÖRC is there for everybody and has to broaden its offering. This will, however, only work with a broad basis and the promotion of every single member.

Quality is not a coincidence – it requires knowledge and commitment. I do trust in competency, quality, experience and democratic principles.
This is why I support the list Becksteiner.

Martina Gollner, Woodrush Labradors

In my opinion the Team Becksteiner stands for values that we miss too much in society, such as straightforwardness, transparency, tolerance and openness. Even as a longtime member of the ÖRC, who does not necessarily have the resources to train with the dogs for several hours a day, but just wants to give the 4-legged family members a pleasant life which fits to their breed, I feel most welcome in the list Becksteiner.

Dr. Eva Habsburg-Lothringen

As a former, longtime board member and organizer of the character and abilities tests, I was delighted to see the List Becksteiner. It reminds me of the beginnings of the ’new board‘ in the 1990s, where the board meetings were harmonious, honest and driven by mutual respect and where the issues were openly and not secretly discussed. I hope that by voting for the List Becksteiner the spirit and verve of this time will return for the benefit of our dogs and I wish the members of this list all the best and a lot of success.

Elfriede Wilfinger

„The ÖRC is a small company …,“ the future president says.
A qualified, broad-based team is the prerequisite to guide the company ÖRC back into calm waters.
The retrievers are particularly close to my heart, therefore I leave the calm waters of the neutral
The ÖRC needs to be professionally lead by a selected group of people reasonnably chosen according to professional criteria.
I think that Kurt Becksteiner with his personality and his professional competence is well qualified as a president and will master – together with his “crew” – the challenging future for our retrievers.

Vet. Rat Dr. Adalbert Fellner