Statement of Kurt Becksteiner

Dear ÖRC members,

As after the announcement of my own list in November 2017 I gave the promise to Mrs Sigrid Jammer to conduct a fair campaign, I still feel obliged to this promise.

During the last weeks I was therefore very eager to refrain from any personal assaults and also not to start these from the background. Nevertheless we can not neglect, that the atmosphere is getting really hot at the moment and that is why I want to end this campaign for me with these concluding words and I am confident, that tomorrow everybody will vote for the list which he or she deems right.

It shocks me, that there were accusations to fellow judges and persons who have voiced their personal opinion in public, in order to support the concerns of our list. I want to show my respect to this support and want to apologize for these hostilities.

All open issues regarding data protection and accusations for using the ÖRC logo in an image damaging way, will, in agreement with the board - and as already held down in written by Mrs Sigrid Jarmer - be properly reviewed after the election. It is of great importance to me to get order and structure to all accusations and all actual violations and I will, as already announced, be available to do this.

Of course training, compliant to animal protection, is a superior issue for me. It is no coincidence, that exactly the training secretary of the list Becksteiner, Herbert Steinschaden, has pushed this issue during the last years on all training grounds of the ÖRC and will - if we win the election - keep it highly focused in our club.

Nevertheless I want to stress, that we do not just care about our dogs, but also about the people in our club. I therefore want to dissociate myself from having my name linked to high performance sport only. Everybody should have the choice to decide what to do with his/her dog and where his/her heart belongs. I don’t presume to judge on which significance this should have in our club life. When I say the ÖRC should be there for everybody, than this is exactly what I mean!

Finally I insistently ask everybody, in order to enable a positive togetherness after tomorrow, to stop it for this election. Things have happened, people have been hurt and it will take time to heal the wounds. I have announced information events in all regions during the last weeks and have repeatedly invited all members to get in direct discussion with me. Everybody had a chance to confront me personally with his/her concerns and questions. This offer will remain open even after the election!

For a constructive and appreciative togetherness!

Warmest Greetings

Kurt Becksteiner