Stefanie Latham, thank you for your support!

"As a member since 28 years of the Austrian retriever club I am proud to say to be part as a breeder and active member. I managed over two decades to organize and sponsor  working tests, dummy trials, field trials and cold game hunting tests. As breeder for Labrador Retrievers  with main priority on working ability I am proud to say that the first litter in Austria  of  engl. working lines was born in my kennel.

Never the less it was a hard time and very often a stony  path for me and a few others to fight our interest through in a mainly show orientated club in the past. As my husband loves to say " respect you cannot buy you have to earn it - the hard work of me and so many others - experienced the fantastic ambitious character and abilities of this dogs following the footsteps and spread out to all corners of the country.  So many uses, so many fields  to play their cards and so much joy this dogs brought in countless homes.

A wonderful successful story  of a handful enthusiastic people lighting a fire which is burning higher than ever before. Looking on breeding records of the last years working lines are whelping half of the pups per year and working tests are over booked and more popular than ever.

Also the Fried Trials getting a longer reserve list. Shooting dog, rescue dog, avalanche rescue dogs, man trailing, agility, obedience, explosive detection, partner dog ... I am sure I miss out some .... but mainly every single one is a true friend and pet  on365 days  to me and all our followers. With my background  of breeding, training and competing for over 25 years my support for Kurt Becksteiner and his team is the  logical consequence.

Kurt and his team full fill the objective opinion to all interests of each member with competence, responsibility and knowledge. Kurt -  highly committed, well respected far over our borders will lead this club with  sense of responsibility to the welfare for ALL club members. The team well balanced, with team players from the show field and working side display already their team spirit! What a chance for the Austrian Retriever Club to have this board working for you - don´t miss it!"

Stefanie Latham