Thank you for your precious support, Eva!

I have been breeding what is generally called show labradors for 25 years.

For about the same time span I have been annoyed about the split in show and work of this wonderful breed and I have therefore always tried to conserve the good old English standard: the type in the middle, the allrounder, the characteristics which have made this wonderful breed so famous.

All my dogs are nicely represented in the showring, but they all have good working abilities and can be used for various activities at the same time.

In my opinion all retriever fanatics - and only these should be active in a Retriever Club - should work towards a COMMON goal. This goal only serves its breeds and their promotion.

It does not matter if we work with our dogs or what they can achieve, be it in Field Trials, Working Tests or to support handicapped people, or if they present the beauty of their balance in the show ring

We all have the same love for the same breed.

As a breeder I want to have passionate, understanding, interested, high-class, promoting, respecting, and tolerant companions in my club with a professional team, which I can rely on.

For me the list of Kurt Becksteiner represents the hope for unification of both groups.

It is time that ALL retriever enthusiasts find a common home in which we can meet with mutual respect.