Thank you for your support, Andreas Pözlberger!

"I want to explicitly support Kurt Becksteiner and his team!

With Kurt I am connected through a longstanding friendship which has developed in the course of different Retriever events. We were together on major competitions in England, Finland, Denmark, Italy and of course Austria. I got to know Kurt as a reliable and helpful person. In countless discussions – mainly about, but not limited to Retrievers – he has proved himself as excellent listener and inspirer!

Most of the people on his list I know personally and I think this selection is a good mixture of experience and „fresh blood“.

To breed good Retrievers, a good balance between scientific meticulousness and human sense is needed. This was exactly the issue in our discussions. A similar approach is valid for the training of dogs.

Internationality is an important point, in general and as international exchange of views especially on topics of breeding, training and tests. By Kurt’s tremendous competition activities, as dog handler as well as as judge this issue is perfectly taken care of.

Why is it so important for me to support the list Kurt Becksteiner?

During the years 1995 to 2001 I have been breeding secretary for Labrador, I organised the first working test in Austria, I organised the first dummy trial in Austria, I organised the IWT 1997 (together with family Klieber), I organised Austrian Field Trials from 2002 to 2005 and finally 2005 the Coup d’Europe (partly on the grounds of Maria Dietzschold). 1999 I was able to win the individual ranking of the Coup d’Europe and 2004 I was the first European from the continent to win a field trial in England.

Due to this „Retriever history“ it seems to me, that the program of the list Kurt Becksteiner is perfectly capable to lead the Retriever club with knowledge, personal commitment, openness, consistency and target orientation to the future.

To me it is an obligation, but also an honest, personal issue, to support this team!"

With best regards,

Andreas Pözlberger