Thank you for your support, Ton Buijs!

"My name is Ton Buijs and I come from the Netherlands. I am married with an Austrian and I have been living in Austria for two years. I am a passionate hunter on both small and large game. Besides, I’ve been an FCI judge for Retrievers for eight years. We spend most of our free time training our own dogs to prepare them for the upcoming picking-up and Field Trial season.

I have known Kurt Becksteiner for more than 10 years, mainly as a very successful handler in Field Trials and other international events, like the Skinners World Cup and the IWT. I got to know Kurt as a fair sportsman, who never complains about anything and who never makes anyone but himself responsible for things that go wrong. In case something doesn’t work out the way he wanted, his answer is to work even harder and try it again.

I am fully convinced that Kurt has got great leadership qualities and, together with his highly competent team, he will support our Retrievers on a broad basis because the key to a well-functioning club is to meet the interests of all the members of the ÖRC, which I believe will be provided by the list Becksteiner."

Photo: Peter Weissböck