Thank you, Oliver Kiraly!

The Austrian retirever scene has an important role in my life. My first WT wins happened there, my first international judging invitation came from there, I started my professional retriever trainer career there and even today, many of my clients are coming from Austria.

Austria has a great history in retriever sports, the events are always well organised and the country supplied some of the best dogs of the continent. To keep this story going, I find it important that the new board-members of the ÖRC should be the right ones.

Therefore my preference is Kurt Becksteiner and his team. Kurt has proven himself as a competitor, judge, team captain and trainer. His professional background makes him the ideal candidate for a leader who can make decision and takes responsibility for that.

I know personally many of his team members and I have no doubt they will do their best in their positions. If you find important that retriever breeds should stay working dogs and a club as the ÖRC support this idea with the right events on the highest standard, then you should also go to the elections and vote for the Becksteiner-list!

Oliver Kiraly -