Thank you, Otto Kopitsch MSD

"For more than 20 years I have been in contact with breeders and representatives of the ÖRC.

During this time I have met many nice people, who were not only friendly and courteous, but are also absolutely professional in their special field. This was also confirmed by excellent sportive performances of their dogs.

Even in Great Britain, the mother country of the Retriever, these sports people are well known and recognized. Be it Stefanie Latham, Dr. Robert Kaserer or Kurt Becksteiner.

For breeding and competition the guideline was always the top standard. Kurt Becksteiner was the driving force for organizing joint Field Trials of Retrievers and english Pointers and Setters in Austria wich at that time was brand  new and created international awareness..

The british press was covering the event! It was Kurt Becksteiner who with his competence supported the introduction of the Labrador Retriever as police dog and made it possib.e to reach british standards within a very short time.

Wich Kurt Becksteiner the ÖRC is in safe hands"

Otto Koppitsch MSD
Austrian Club for Pointer and Setter