Thank you Robert, for your clear recommendation

Dear Friends of our Retrievers!

I support the list of Kurt Becksteiner without any restriction. I have known Kurt for many years as a motivated and even enthusiastic retriever handler.

We competed several times (often together with Waldemar Allmeier) as a team at international events in England, in Scotland, and throughout Europe (e.g. Skinners World Cup, Game Fair, IWT, German Cup). We were able to reach good to very good results.

But also at field trials at home and abroad I have experienced Kurt as a successful and always fair dog handler. As one of the very few dog handlers in Austria he has led both Golden and Labrador Retrievers to the very top. Above that he is also a well known and internationally respected judge for dummy trials and field trials.

I am pleased that he is actively involved for the Austrian Retriever Club and has come up with his own list.

I know the members of his team and they equally deserve my support. I have come to know the high level of expertise of Claudia Berchtold at a breeder seminar in Tyrol. She has worked for many years as Breeding Secretary for the club and has repeatedly supplied valuable inputs. The same is true for Christine Grabmayer, who has supported "her breed" in a calm and friendly manner.

Hannes Wiesinger is the ideal successor of Georg Ranftl, who has led the hunting section in an excellent way in the past, but who cannot candidate this time any more.

Petra Hillinger has cleaned up the Club's funding situation within a very short time.  Some of you might have been surprised by reminders to pay the membership fees.  Even though I am normally very reliably making my payments, I received one for 2015 (!) (but if there is no letter and no reminder?).

Maria Dietzschold-Bojakovsky has let us use her grounds in the Tullner Feld for trainings, working tests and others tests (once even for a European Field Trial Championship) over many years for free. Now she is prepared to take over the General Secretary and the massive amount of work connected with it.

The field trial section will be well managed by Sonja Humpolec, whom I know from weekly picking up at pheasant and partridge shoots. She organized the European Field Trial Championship 2017 in a superb way (maybe we will not only read about it in the German Retriever journal).

But it is not about if I know the members of the team and if I like them or if they have already done an excellent job in the past. It is about the programme, which the new list has presented. This is the point I like. Things that are important for me: transparency, information of the members and a clear position on the financial side I see as granted.

Above that the retrievers should remain what they have been bred for and what corresponds to their lovely characteristics. Certainly not everybody will turn into hunter or will handle his or her dog on shooting days. But the broad spectrum of useage for this hunting dog breed has to be preserved. This is the responsility of the breeders and of the Club officials at the same time.

We have a lot of motivated dog handlers with good dogs, the club should offer more education and training to broaden the base so that also more dogs will finally reach the very top. In this area I do expect Kurt's list to introduce significant improvements.

To close off my recommendation I would like to make one warning comment: Do not let us engage in dirty campaigning before the elections (we have already experienced this in the past, even before the expression became fashionable). Let us take our dogs as role models with their calmness, amicability, lack of aggression and with soft mouth!

With friendly retriever greetings,

Your Robert Kaserer