Thank you so much, David Latham!

David Latham had always been interested in country pursuits since an early age with his dad . It was his dad who bought him 1978 his first Labrador a black bitch Gundstock Sall . She caught more rabbits he could shoot in those days !

Nearly 10 years later he had the chance to watch a Field Trial and said : That was it - I ´d caught the bug !

He ordered a black dog pup from the best kennel in the country " Drakeshead " - which was not only a start to an amazing career much more to a long term friendship with Sandra and John Halstead.

38 years later,  after winning the IGL Retriever Championship 4 times and qualified 19 times , being an A- pannel  Field Trial judge   and current  England Team Captain , winning with the team on several occasions the home international at the Game Fair and Skinners World Cup , as well the individual  he is proud on his achievements  but more than ever convinced about  how important it is to preserve this wonderful breed with their fantastic skills in the original way .

Out of the original need the all-round use arise which makes the Retriever so special for all kind of us. No matter how highly decorated your Retriever is he  always is a companion  and pet in first place  for all of us .

My support for Kurt Becksteiner and his team comes out of the trust to a professional leadership.Kurt´s daily routine in his job is to work under pressure with a high responsibility which gives him the edge for the position of his new role .As well to make the right choice to select an able team .   Kurt is well known and very respected in the national and international Retriever scene ,proof himself many times on the highest level as competitor and judge . His experience and knowledge is a gift to the Austrian Retriever Club  to guide this fantastic breed in a bright future to be beneficial  for all of us . His integrity  and reputation makes him to the right person in the position to lead an active club in all fields .Respect you cannot buy you have to earn it !

David Latham
Fendawood Labradors