Thanks a lot, Rita Kökeny!

Elections are very important moments in a club’s life - determines which way the showing, working and breeding will go on. Essential that each “lines” - show and work - get equal possibilities to reach their goals. Sad that a breed is split but this is a fact now and I think we all have to respect each other’s expectations.

Looking forward to the coming elections of the Austrian Retriever Club (ÖRC) - where I have been a member for 16 years now - as a working labrador retriever breeder, trainer and competitor I consider mostly - and yes a bit selfish 😉- where I can get the best possibilities to improve this wonderful breed! Where I can get the best opportunities to compete and test my dogs both on WT and real game (Field Trials) to know if they are good enough to get into the breeding pool.

In this respect I can tell that the future “vision” of Kurt Becksteiner - who also started with show dogs, training and competing them, and tried to show his working champions, so he knows both sides of the coin 😉 - fits best to both types.

I can feel from the presented program and the appointed board members that both the working and the showing part will be supported well, with necessary experise and flexibility which is essential for the future improvement of our retrievers both in work and conformity.

Rita Kökény
Blackthorn Gundogs
FCI Field Trial Judge